Mana'o behind our prints

We hand carve each 'ohe kapala (bamboo stamp) and combine various designs to create our patterns.  The patterns are inspired by the natural wonder of our aina (land) from mauka (mountain) to makai (sea).  



wana print
Wana (urchin) ~ this pattern is a variation of the classic sea urchin and fishnet design.  The traditional wana pattern can be found on many of the ancient Hawaiian kapa.
kanaloa print
Kanaloa (God of the sea)~ Kanaloa is the ancient deity of all life forms of the sea.  This pattern was inspired by the vast sea life found here in the Hawaiian waters.  For this pattern, we feature our classic urchin and coral 'ohe kapala designs.
wao nahele print
Wao Nahele (inland forest) ~ Wao Nahele is inspired by the lush forests here on the islands.  This pattern represents the vast plant life and the mountains where these forests thrive, with the warmth of the sun by day and the coolness of the night under the evening stars.
mahiehie print
Māhiehie (delightful shimmer) ~ This pattern is inspired by the shimmer created by the sun or moonlight's dance upon the ocean's surface.
makalii print
Makali'i (seven stars) ~ Makali'i is a cluster of stars known as the Pleiades star system, mostly visible in November. This pattern was inspired by the starry skies and mountain silhouettes seen here at night.